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WORLDOTC.COM Legit or Scam? & How it operates

World Over The Counter Our over-the-counter (0 IC) services are suitable for transactions rangi ng from $10 to millions of dollars, covering a va riety of fiat currencies, USDT, and other major cr yptocurrencies. The biggest advantage of World Over The Counter OTC trading services is that w e provide investors and high net worth individua Is with strong trading depth, tailor-made service
s, and a high degree of privacy protection. Worl d Over The Counter’s over-the-counter trading s ervice allows customers to avoid trading slippy ge losses that are common on common trading platforms, and is the best choice for large crypt °currency traders.

World Over The Counter Over-the-counter OTC s ervices for fiat currencies, USDT, or other crypto currencies. World Over The Counter focuses on allowing you to freely and easily trade cryptocur rencies without worrying about complicated iss ues such as transaction depth and order matchi ng. At the same time, we bring you a flexible, sa fe and high-quality trading experience through c omprehensive transaction execution and settle ment services.

1: Apply for a World Over The Counter OTC acco unt (personal account)

2: Deposit fiat or cryptocurrency into your accou n-t

3: After the transaction is executed, USDT will b e automatically deposited into your account bal ante three hours later

OTC solutions for you

professional trader

We have some of the best bitcoin and cryptocur rency traders in the world. Our professional exp erience can be traced back to the birth of Bitcoi n many years ago, and we have been serving th ousands of customers with the best price at the right time and the right place.

International service

World Over The Counter Headquartered in Trora do, USA, it is committed to providing internation al customers with global cryptocurrency trading platforms and trading services, and has won hig h praise and trust from customers in Asia, Amer ica, Australia, Europe, and Africa.

credible and reliable

World Over The Counter We believe that honest y and transparency are the keys to success, and attach great importance to the privacy and of identiality of customer information. With our pr ofessional attitude, we have won the trust and s upport of our customers. We are committed to building a trustworthy image that goes hand in hand with you. No matter where you are, you ca n use our comprehensive services with peace o f mind.

Now let’s see how much you can deposit and earn at the of the month. On Worldotc trading Platform, the minimum Investment is 10$ but since it is a TRC 20 blochchain based you will have to send 11$ to the wallet address that you will be given so that your account can have a full minimum deposit of 10$ since TRC20 charge 1$ as a transaction fee.

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