Hello there do you wish to know the  the differences between BLOG and WEBSITE here i have provided you some of them here below.

Difference Between a Blog and a Website - Detailed Article @ MyThemeShop

1. First understand what the word WEB is:

WEB is an acronym for the word WORLD WIDE WEB – I hope that you have come across or seen other websites start with www, then www is an acronym for World Wide Web. In simple language WEB is a special way of sharing information via the internet by connecting communications from different computers around the world. Forinstance, I am in china writing these words on my laptop  and also you are somewhere else far apart from china and while  reading this post is  because of this world wide web (web) technology.

2.WEBSITE is a link between the two words WEB and SITE.

As you already know what the word web is, so connect with the word SITE  and as you know the word SITE is a specific area for specific activities, isn’t it? So WEBSITE means a special place where certain information  is available. For example, if you want to read the status of your Facebook friends then you know you have to go to FACEBOOK. So FACEBOOK is your special SITE for checking out such special status items! Since Facebook is a site within a link we call it a WEB, so facebook we call it WEBSITE.

3. According to Wikipedia, the word blog is an acronym for the word Web LOG, i.e. the recording or registration of regular information within the WEB. To summarize the whole word WEB BLOG they simply abbreviated BLOG – that is, from the word WEB, we took the letter B, and then linked it to the word LOG, thus having a BLOG.

– Understanding the differences between BLOG and WEBSITE depends largely on understanding the three terms above namely WEB, WEBSITE and BLOG.

The following are the differences between the blog and the website,

1. Writing: In blogs we have something we call POSTS where that is information that is posted by the blogger from time to time. However websites do not naturally change information as often as blogs do.

2. Storage of information: Blogs have a special style of storing posts from first to last post. And often you can see the ARCHIVE of those posts in most blogs, however many websites do not have a backup of their past information within the respective websites.

3.Technology: Anyone is free to design a website in the style they want, unlike blogs where the technology already depends on the wishes of the company providing the blogging service. For example, wordpress has its own style, and bloggers also have their own style of how their blogs will look like or how they will organize them.

4. Reader engagement: Most blogs often have comments section for each post, while most website reports have no comment feature.

NOTE: Many organizations these days have been incorporating blog technology into their websites in order to stay close to their potential customers.

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