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Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2022/23

Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2022

Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2022/23, A Standard Four National Assessment (SFNA) exam is the Examination test that is administered to grade four students/Standard Four students in Tanzania. The exam is designed to assess student achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics. The SFNA is one of several standardized tests that are used to measure student achievement in Tanzania.

Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2022
Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2022

Mitihani Ya Darasa la Nne 2022

Each subject has an examination format, which describes the structure of the examination paper, and the content in which that particular examination covers. The details of subjects addressed are shown in individual examinations formats

This format of Standard Four National Assessments is based on Primary School curriculum of standard III to IV introduced by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, which was issued in 2016 and was effectively used in 2017.

Primary school curriculum of 2016 is more focused on the Education and Training Policy of 2014, which emphasizes learners’ competence in all learning faculties. The format aims at assessing the competence of pupils in Reading, Writing and Arthmetic skills, in the level that allows them to transfer the acquired knowledge in solving social, political, economic and technological problems for personal and national development. This format will take effect in 2018

Standard Four National Assessment Exam (SFNA) is under National Examination Council of Tanzania NECTA which is responsible to Regulate All Examination Matter in Tanzania from primary to secondary Level from Arranging Examination Date of Standard Four National Assessment Exam to Results release Date.

To calculate the division and points

  • A is 1,
  • B+ is  2,
  • B is 3,
  • C is 4,
  • D is 5,
  • E is 6  and
  • F is 7

Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2022/23

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) has not yet officially announced the date when they will release the 2022 Standard Four Exam Results. However, based on the timeline of previous years, it is expected that the results will be released sometime in late early January of 2023.

How To check Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2022/23

You can Check Your Standard Four National Assessment By Visiting your Examination Center or Your School After Necta Press Release From The School Notice Board you can find your Results pinned on Board Or Check Online Following the Step Below

1. First Step: visit

2. Second Step: Click on “Results” from the Main menu.

3. Third Step: The “Results” window will show all results available.

4. Fourth Step: Select “Exam Type” as SFNA.

5. Fifth Step: Select your “Year” as 2022

6. Sixth Step: Students can now check their SFNA result.

Standard Four Examination Formats

The new format has identified six subjects, which will be taught in Standard III to IV. The subjects are Kiswahili, English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Technology and Civic and Moral Education.

The change in the new curriculum for Standard III to IV involves combining Geography and History to form Social Studies subject. Civics subject has been modified by adding the part of Moral, so it
is called Civic and Moral Education. Also, Vocational Studies, Personality and Sports subject which was being taught in Standard III – IV will be taught from standard V.

In assessing Standard Four at National level, the National Examinations Council will administer six subjects, which are: Kiswahili, English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Technology and Civic and Moral Education. Teachers are urged to teach pupils based on the curriculum to meet objectives targeted for each subject.

The format of each subject that will be tested consists of an introduction, general objectives, general competencies, specific competencies and the structure of the assessment paper. Criteria for assessment of each general and specific competence and awarding criteria are also presented in the attached assessment guidelines