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IS COTP trading platform legit? +How does it operates?


The most common type of arbitrage trading is exchange arbitrage, which is when a trader buys the same *crypto asset* in one *exchange* and *sells* it in another exchange to make profit.

The TRANSFER of this asset from one exchange to another exchange is what we term as “OVER THE COUNTER” (OTC) trading.

The price of cryptocurrencies can change quickly. If you take a look at the order books for the same asset on *different exchanges,* you’ll find that the prices are almost *never exactly* the *same* at the *same time* . *This is where arbitrage traders come in* . They try to exploit these small *differences* for *profit* . This, in turn, makes the underlying market more efficient since price stays in a relatively contained range on different trading venues. In this sense, market inefficiencies can mean opportunity.

How does this work in practice? Let’s say there’s a price difference for Bitcoin between Binance and another exchange. If an arbitrage trader sees this, they would want to buy Bitcoin on the exchange with the lower price and sell it on the exchange with the higher price. BUT First, there must be a transfer. That’s where OTC comes in.

Of course, the timing and execution would be crucial. Bitcoin is a relatively mature market, and exchange arbitrage opportunities tend to have a very small window of opportunity.

This is how COTP makes money within this small window of opportunity with its Artificial Intelligence which uses High Frequency Trading Technology to match ORDERS and execute them to make profits for you and I.

So COTP is not an *investment company* but a *trading platform* with specifics in CRYPTO P2P OR OVER THE COUNTER TRADING

If you don’t Trade or Authorize the payment for transaction to begin , you don’t make money 💰💰💰

What Other People Say About This Trading platform on trustpilot?

When we look at trustpilot, many are giving positive review

These are screenshots from trust pilot.

By viewing those comments on trustpilot, this gives another high level that this Crypto trading platform is legit and if it decides to turn into Scam may be it leter not now, and I believe it can’t be so due to the fact that since 2019 has been operating up now that why I say it has high probability to stay longer.


COTP is a blockchain OTC and cryptocurrency exchange platform. We are committed to improving the liquidity of blockchain assets and allowing more people to enter the blockchain industry. We provide users with a more free and safer trading environment, use AI intelligent algorithms to match users with the best orders, and continue to bring you benefits. We focus on building an efficient cryptocurrency exchange platform, and establish cooperation with 3000+ OTC traders around the world. It is currently the world’s largest OTC exchange.


Our encrypted transaction system uses a secured transaction mechanism, combined with unique point-to-point transmission technology, real-time clearing engine, smart digital wallet, extremely high network security system, cross-exchange optimal price exchange engine and other blockchain technologies. The AI intelligent algorithm is used to automatically allocate the best order for you. You can automatically complete all operations such as digital currency delivery and two-way acceptance by simply operating authorization. The platform guarantees the transaction for you to ensure the safety of your funds. The real-time clearing engine system will complete all settlements within a few hours, and automatically settle your income and principal to your account.

*COTP platform security*

Our platform uses KYC ID verification to verify user identity. This verification is done by Jumio Netverify technology to reduce the possibility of fraud and money laundering. It is similar to those used by global cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as bittrex, localbitcoins and cryptopay. COTP does not store user information received from Jumio in order to comply with data confidentiality. The system is responsible for automatically verifying identity.

Crypto OTC has been on Binance since 2019. But what COTPS is doing now is; COTPS apply Artificial Intelligence and High Frequent Technology to fish out P2P traders looking for USDT to buy in their currencies.
And also those wanted to sell…..


Let’s say you’re selling a product which goes for $5 per unit in your city/country but in other cities/countries, the same product you’re selling is going for $6 and people are willing to buy it.What will you do? Now…if you would sell your products to buyers in these other countries/Cities, you’re going to make a profit of $1 on each item sold.

This is how COTP works. The crypto currency we sell on the platform is USDT. COTPS has an AI system which scans the international markets to identify buyers in other countries whose bid price for USDT is higher. COTP then sells our USDT to these buyers at a higher price and buys back the USDT at a lower/standard price and sends our capital and our profit in that transaction.

How does the company obtain profits?

You might be there asking yourself how the company obtains profits, real this is how the platform gets profits


Cotp makes their profit from the profit from every trade.

The company sold 1usdt for GHC 7.55 meanwhile market price is GH7.41

Profit for each USDT sold is
7.55 – 7.41= 0.14
That’s GHC 0.14

NOW COTP sold 297usdt

That’s 0.14 x 297= GHC 41.58
GHC 41.58 is the profit made.

So let’s convert profit to USDT being COTP base currency.

41.58÷ 7.41= 5.611usdt

Remember that after COTP sells your USDT it buys back at market price which is 7.41

So COTP made profits of 5.611USDT but how much did COTP pay the owner of the 297usdt?

COTP paid me 0.891usdt meanwhile it made 5.611usdt as profit 😂
U see? So it’s not a scam. They make money whilst we make money.

Therefore the COTP takes some of the money and use some to settle referral commissions on all levels

Difference Between Binance & COTP Exchange

🎯 Binance trade on various cryptocurrencies But COTP trade on just USDT

🎯 Binance supports Spot, P2P, Margin & Futures trading while COTP only support P2P trading

🎯 Binance do not search nor select buyer for you while COTP do the searching for you

🎯 Binance support P2P trading in a particular region at a time while COTP support P2P trading from different regions {nations}

🎯 Binance started operation in 2017 while COTP started operation in 2019

🎯 Binance support different networks in USDT trading while COTP only support TRC20 network

🎯 You can either lose or gain while trading on Binance but every trade on COTP is always on profit because it’s a systemized P2P platform

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