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Best tips to avoid copying and pasting on blog

Hello there am here to give you a detailed explanation about the risks or effects you might get by copying and pasting other’s contests into your blog or website, just stick with me till the end of this article;

As you know Writing is hard and tedious work, writing requires research, time, accurate knowledge and even financial resources. For these reasons many owners of blogs or website find themselves copying content from blogs or other website. The issue of copying content from a blog or other website has also been caused by a lack of focus, laziness, lack of creativity as well as ignorance. If you are a blogger or website owner, then let me share with you the 8 effects of copying posts from other blogs or website. “It’s better to fail at something real than to succeed at something to imitate.”

1. copying others contents will make you look ugly on your work. When you copy posts from another website or blog, you automatically tell your readers that you have nothing to tell them unless you copy someone else. So your readers will see you as inferior and will want to know who you are copying, so they can read his posts directly instead of waiting for you to bring them the copied contents.

2. You will run out of space on the Google search engine. It is true that Google knows where the post was originally posted or come from. So the first page to publish that post will get the most out of Google search results. It should be noted that the more unique you are, the more Google gives you more opportunities to rank you in the first search of Google engine. Google considers blogs or websites that copy publications as blog scraping, and Google can gives you a barn or penalty and sometimes give you a small Google rank.

3. You will miss meaningful ads. Remember no one wants to waste their money advertising on a blog or website that has no readers and meaningful contents. Many companies evaluate the quality and uniqueness of a site before agreeing to place their ads. It should also be noted that well-paid advertising companies such as Google Ad-sense, Media net, Amazon, and so on they do not accept blogs copying posts or contents.

4. Your site can be blocked. In today’s world things have changed, a website or blog registered with a malware protection service such as the DMCA, wanting to confront or putting a the theft claim of their contents. Authorities like DMCA are responsible for ordering any web host to shut down or block a website or blog accused of content theft. Don’t you see that you can get your site banned due to laziness and negligence? so don’t try that.

5. Getting into legal trouble. This is due to the fact that some sites have copyrighted their contents, and the risk increases when a site or blog is located in a copyrighted country. Copying content from these websites or blogs could land you into serious legal trouble such as imprisonment or fines.

6. To be called a thief of one’s materials or contents. For me I understand that writing on a blog or website is a job like any other costly and sweaty job. Copying articles from another blog makes you a thief and you do not appreciate the work that someone else did.

7. Loss of readers. Who will come to your site if they know that your job is just to copying peoples contents? It is clear that if people know you are copying and you do not have any new content to share, they will never come to read your site again. It is good to strive to be creative in order to be different from others, the reader must be aware that the items found on your blog or website cannot be found elsewhere and this will make you a unique writer.

8. Infidelity. This comes when you copy everything from other writers, even fake things you copy as long as you want to fill your blog or website; do you think in this way readers or visitors will believe or trust you? Remember! If it would be to copy others posts that there is no harm, the owners of different blogs and the sites would wait for one website or blog to post and they would copy them and fill their blogs or sites. No one would spend time and money writing new articles.

NOTE, In view of the many effects of copying, it is important to write at least one good article per week or per month rather than 100 careless ones.


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