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Earn Money From Your Google Play store App

How Much Money Can You Earn From Your Google Play store?
In this article today you will get to know the amount of money you can earn just by publishing an app on the app store either apple or playstore for Androids. Bare with me till the of the article

 You might be there asking yourself how much money can you get just for publishing your application on Google playstore, so here bam going to give you how much money you can earn from your app
how much money can I earn from my published application in the Google Play store? You can earn as much as you wish. There are companies which earn more than $1 million per day. Revenue depends on many factors. Few of them are :

 1. Number of downloads : The revenue is directly proportional to the number of downloads you get for your application. If your application didn’t get much downloads, then your revenue will also be low. Because, the more you show ads ,the more you earn.

 2. Number of Daily Active Users (DAU) : Let say 1000 users downloaded your application and 100 of them using it daily. Then your DAU is 100. If you manage to engage many users with your application, Then your revenue will also increase. If the user uses your application, then only they can see the ads integrated in your application
 ( Most of the type ads works only when the app is opened )

3. Location of the users : Location of the users contribute in many ways. For the adnetwork based model, If the adnetwork you have used in your application have good ad campaigns in the country where most of your users resides, then it will generate more money. Otherwise, the adnetwork may not fill the ad request and hence less money. For the paid and subscription based monetisation model, few country users are liberal to spend and others don’t wish to spend at all.

 4. Adnetwork : You need to use perfect combination of adnetwork depends on your users. You should find the best adnetwork which have high fillrate of ads for your majority users. Few companies are good at Asia, Few are good at Europe and US. You should find the location of your majority users and then use the best network for it. Also, you can use some mediation service to fill the ad slots when your preferred adnetwork fails . So, it will be filled by another network and helps you to get some extra money.

5.Type of ad : There are lots of ad types like banner ads , full screen ads , video ads , native ads etc. Each have different click rates and revenue. For example video ads pays you more than other formats, but it needs WIFI connection to load video in the user end. So, choose better one for your applications

6. User conversion rate : If you are not using ad based model, there are lots of models like In-app purchase, Paid app and subscription based monetization models. In those models, the revenue is directly depends on the user conversion. You should make really good app and add value for the money they are going to spend. If you manage to impress the user, they will pay for it. Usually the conversion rate for the mobile app across all monetization model is 2-10

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